So … what’s next?

It’s the simple question that drives our team at The Pita Group. In everything we do, we emphasize exploration, immersion and innovation.

By constantly asking, “what’s next?” – for our clients, ourselves and the world of communications – we build success that is significant today and sustainable tomorrow.

It’s a belief in anticipating and adapting to change that makes us educators, allies and true business partners for our clients.

We believe that success is dependent on creating a solid strategy based on client goals, developing a compelling solution and following a tactical plan for implementation, measurement and refinement. With any project, we follow our three-phase cycle to achieve these critical objectives.

Innovate & Expand

We begin Phase 1 by gaining a full understanding of the client’s brand, market space and competition to develop relevant, yet innovative, strategies that will achieve their goals. This may include:

  • Creative workshops with employees, clients/customers and key stakeholders to uncover internal and external brand perceptions, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Audit of the client’s existing communications
  • Market scan
  • Focus groups
  • Leveraging our ongoing industry research and expertise

Based on our learnings, we then develop your brand platform, concept and/or strategy, including key messaging, a visual identity, campaign concepts and an action plan for execution. As we do this, we practice what we call “brand molding,” ensuring that all channels play a role in crafting the brand experience.

Render & Create

With design, interactive and video production services all under one roof, we execute strategies quickly and efficiently via a streamlined process.

The result: work that gets noticed and meets business goals, completed on time and on budget.

Measure & Refine

Regardless of how beautiful that website or video is, if it doesn’t achieve your goals, it wasn’t successful. Plain and simple.

Using qualitative and quantitative methods – such as micro-targeting and creative quantification – we establish baselines before your project kick-off, then keep an eye on metrics at pre-determined points throughout its life span.

During each “checkpoint,” we assess what’s working well and what may need extra attention. We then recommend the appropriate modifications that will optimize your strategy and execution in order to meet – and often exceed – your goals.